restaurantA charming environment, typical of 18th-century, aristocratic summer residences: the “noblesse” of the city of Palermo used to retire in this countryside and relax in their lovely estates, spending days reading, listening to music, organizing glamorous parties and tasting genuine food and authentic, strong flavors – typical of Sicilian cuisine.

The same charms and delicacies of that time are brought back to life in the Villa Cefalà restaurant near Palermo, where recipes and menus re-interpret and balance the ancient local cooking tradition with modern taste and international influences.

Open for lunch and dinner except Tuesdays
Reservations are welcome by calling 091931545

Ingredients are always fresh and genuine, coming from the farms and orchards of Villa Cefalà – from extra-virgin olive oil and delicious wines.

The restaurant is the best choice for banquets and events: during summer, celebrations can be held on the magnificent terrace, used only for ceremonies, events and other special occasions.